The 6th Swedish Proteomics Society Symposium

The 6th Swedish Proteomics Society Symposium - Clinical Proteomics took place 1 December, 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The 6th annual meeting of the Swedish Proteomics Society will have its focus on Clinical Proteomics including biomarker discovery and recent developments in instrumentation and technologies. The 6th Symposium will present lectures from top scientists in the proteomics field, several with a strong clinical background.

The SPS annual meeting is intended for all those interested in proteomics and its clinical applications, not only scientists active in the field, but also students, researchers in related areas, physicists, R&D managers, technicians and company representatives.

The talks will highlight the following areas:

  • Proteomic approaches in neuroscience and tumor biology
  • High throughput biomarker discovery
  • Biobanking as an aid in the search for disease markers
  • Emerging technologies in mass spectrometry of proteins and peptides
  • Novel strategies for detection of post-translational modifications

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