The 2nd Nordic Proteomics Symposium

2nd Nordic Proteomics Symposium  27-29 November 2011, Copenhagen Denmark.

The 2nd Nordic Proteomics Symposium will be held in Copenhagen the 27-29 th November 2011. The Symposium will be hosted by the Swedish-, Danish-, Norwegian-, and Finnish Proteomics Societies and is organized by The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The overall theme of this Nordic meeting will be “Functional Proteome Research” where this theme will serve as a platform for scientific interactions, discussions and debates, challenging the scientific frontiers in modern clinical, preclinical and biological proteomics research. Important Life Science developments and research trends like clinical proteomics, membrane proteins and transport schemes, drug target inhibition, and compound characterizations, pathophysiology-, and disease related protein expression studies will be presented.  

The meeting covers different challenging Proteomics Topics. We believe that this event will provide the opportunity to learn something new and connect different research teams that share similar interests. Offers of posters are invited and we have dedicated special oral presentations to be given by students. The speakers will be selected by the scientific committee from submitted abstracts.  

Take the opportunity to participate in a congress with fellow colleagues, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors. Meet today´s leading scientists in the field of proteomics and also students, on different levels, the top scientists of tomorrow!  For more information please visit the official webpage of the event.

Welcome to the 2nd Nordic Proteomics Symposium in Copenhagen!  

Dr. György Marko-Varga & Michael Sundström
Chairmen of the 2nd Nordic Proteomics Symposium

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